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Goals can be powerful in focusing our attention and achieving positive results. However, we have all set goals that, for one reason or another, have not been achieved.

Perhaps in those instances, we were trying to canter before we walk.

Join us for this learning opportunity on the 22nd of November to build solid foundations for goal setting. We will discuss some of the potential risk factors that can stop us from achieving goals. In order to overcome common obstacles, it may require a mindset change – we’ll discuss how to see challenges with new eyes.

Attendees will receive a template for creating strong goal statements, as well as some tips and strategies to ensure you can gallop towards your goals.

About the Speaker:Julie O’Sullivan is a chartered business psychologist with a passion for supporting and challenging clients to be at their best. Having trained and coached leaders and teams across various industries, in Ireland and internationally, she now works as Head of People Development at Jigsaw Better Business.

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