Gold Membership

Membership will provide you with:

  • Inclusion in our Members listing on our new website
  • A Members News section where we will share your news, put in back links to your website and help share your story.
  • A Members Blog section which gives you the opportunity to write a blog on your business, what you do, the benefits of your product or services and the benefits that your business brings to        owners and their horses.
  • Members only area with useful articles and video clips on business topics, links to information on grants, LEO’s etc.
  • I will include anything that I think will be useful to you and provide you with information that you may need to grow your business.
  • Sticker showing that you are a member of EBNI, you can display this on your car, office window or even diary
  • Digital Members badge to display on social media, email footers etc
  • Networking opportunities and opportunities to form collaborations with other members
  • Ongoing support
  • Social media sharing and promotion
  • Free access to our Monthly Online Events with speakers on various topics (worth €10 per event)
  • Full page advert in 2022 Directory and all of above for €180